How to Choose the Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Rotaryana Prima Commercial Kitchen & Laundry Equipment Jakarta can help prepare you for any type of cooking and will make your restaurant successful. A high level of quality is needed because your restaurant cannot afford to lose one key piece.

Depending on the type of set, each one requires a different kitchen tool. Don’t forget that without the correct commercial kitchen gear, you cannot operate your restaurant.

What’s in your Kitchen?

For your kitchen you need several items: refrigeration, fryers, mixers bowls ovens pizza servers tablewares cooking equipment barware cutlery, baking wares broilers pans roasters griddles toasters hotplates steamers etc. You should also have cheese graters and can openers as well as tongs, timers and whisks.

This is for many different reasons. The refrigerator will fail and all your fruits will become stale. You don’t have pizza servers but the restaurant has pizza on its menu. What is the best way to present it? Don’t forget that food presentation is a big deal in restaurants. It is possible to lose business if the food you serve does not look good.

Renting and Second Hand Kitchen Appliances

There are many problems with budgets in new restaurants. Restaurant openings are not inexpensive, therefore some savings will be needed. Question is then, should this equipment in the commercial kitchen be cut back? This is highly dependent on the supply. The owner should look at the available secondhand goods before making their decision. A wide variety of pots, plates, pizza servers and peelers are available second-hand. They can be excellent used purchases. It is important to review the current condition of equipment. When the restaurant becomes profitable, it will allow you to change these items.

Rental is still a good option when it comes to electronic appliances. Renting your refrigerator will be a safer choice than purchasing one. Many companies provide guarantees, which means they’ll fix any item that is guaranteed. If you purchase a secondhand product, however, it will cost more and take longer to get repaired. Such wait times can cost you a fortune. Make sure you do not commit this mistake.


The best tip that restaurant owners can give is to always keep an eye on their kitchen stock. Make it a daily habit to check all kitchen equipment. In the event that you suspect something may be about to break, call a technician or simply replace it. Always have a backup. Buying a used item for a low price or renting if you need it can come in handy.