How to Buy a Combi Oven: 5 Easy Steps

Combination ovens (Combi Ovens) are often the biggest investment that any commercial chef makes. It’s important to invest in the right one combi oven. Consider these 6 factors before making a decision:

This includes a unit that is “self-cleaning” and a fully programmed machine with pre-set options. These and other features will be discussed with you by experienced combi oven providers.

* Service: Gas or electric power is available for combi ovens. Electric models usually require 3 phase electricity. Since they all produce steam, you will need at least one x15mm cold water supply. Do not forget the drain. Many units have a very low waste outlet, while other require an airbrake or tundish be attached.

Accessorize your combi-oven to maximize its performance. There are also stacking kit and stands, as well as plate racks or trolleys to use for regen cooking.

* Ventilation. All Combis must be covered by an extraction canopy. If that is not an option, then some manufacturers have developed ovens which come with “built-in ventilation” such as Hans Dampf’s “HoodIn”. MKN offers a range of units with a built-in extraction hood. The oven can be placed anywhere within your kitchen.

* Access: While this might seem simple, most combo ovens are heavy and large. It is important to make sure that the oven will fit in your home. Your shiny (and expensive) new oven getting stuck in the doorframe half-way up two flights isn’t funny!

The last point in our 6-point guide is reliability. MKN Hans Dampf model are installed on marine platforms because it is not acceptable to inform 600 oil workers that their lunch cannot be served due to a non-working oven. All Rational ovens come with 2 year warranties. Because they are confident that it will not break down, this is what they do. These two brands provide real value as well as peace of mind.

You are not expected to be an expert in all of this. Your job is to ensure that your product meets the highest standards. The job of your supplier is to provide you with the tools necessary to achieve this. Caterdeal offers free site surveys and full consulting services to caterers. To get the most out of your new combi oven, contact them right away.