How to Grow a Side Business and Commute to Work

It was only six years since I retired from my 9-5, and I still dreaded the daily 45 minutes commute. As I sat in traffic jams, I became frustrated. I had Side Hustles Docuseries Review Nick Sasaki that I could do to help my business.

Your morning and night commutes are a valuable resource that can help you start your own company and leave your job behind. You might not have much time to yourself during the workday.

If you’re an entrepreneur running your side hustle, it is essential that you master time management. The daily commute is a great opportunity to learn new things and expand your knowledge. Instead of listening your favorite songs or rehashing the disagreements you’ve had with friends or colleagues, it is better to spend that time learning new things.

The reality is that businesses do not grow by working hard, but rather on the basis of IDEAS. Growing your business doesn’t require you to be at a conference, or attend networking events. Growing your business is possible when you develop new thinking, new ideas, new perspectives and new skills. This happens because you’re growing personally as well as professionally. In other terms, you’re increasing your “human resources” that you can use for your whole life in any business you choose.

Discover new ways of thinking during your precious commute to and from work.

A good business audio book is the best way to utilize your commute.

There are hundreds (and many life-changing!) of great business books available. The knowledge they impart is so valuable that sometimes I just wish I could absorb it all instantly by osmosis. Audio books are a great way to get the same experience. Check out Audible to listen instantly to business books.

Listening to business podcasts

Business podcasts are another great way to make use of your commute. Podcasts are an excellent way to increase your business knowledge. Since podcasts can be created on a frequent basis and are published regularly, they keep you informed of new business trends, the newest marketing tactics, insights into social media, and more.