Instant payday loans direct lender -Fast money via paydayloans on line!!!

Advantages of online loans .. How many times have you been to a loan shop filled out registration and had to wait an excessive number of hours to just be informed that your loan application was filled in correctly and that you need to do everything from the new process and restart the review process for approval.

Fast money via paydayloans on line!!!

Formerly borrowing money was scary so we’re here to help you. We will give you relevant information on how to get loans online: you will know how they are, how the internet loan works and when you will need them, and how you should request to have no denial problems

If you are trying to reduce your credit card debt, cover unexpected costs and expenses, or consolidate existing loans into a single payment, picking up an online loan will surely help you protect your finances from chaos.

Online payday loans are totally web-based, 100% online payday lenders by going to can process with their applications via mobile, tablets, and smartphones very fast. Compared to traditional lenders, which take days to approve a request, most online lenders can approve your application and registration in minutes and you will have the funds released on the same day.

What are the impacts of online loans on financial life?

But you must understand that there are two powers in online lending, one that can bring positive impacts on your financial life and another that can lead that same financial life to bankruptcy and financial chaos in the long run. However, they create opportunities for people who can not or do not want to resort to sources of credit like the old traditional banks.

If you are in the mood to qualify or get a good interest rate, traditional lenders require you to have an irreparable credit history, which most citizens by default do not own. Online lenders are challenging this old approach by using new data sets to expand funding opportunities independent of credit history.

At the same time, they are making it much simpler and faster for anyone to apply, compare, and get a loan online without bureaucracy wherever you are in Brazil or the world.

How do online loans fix problems in finances?


With online personal loan platforms, you have a 2-minute check and a 5-minute approval. If you like what you are reading, try downloading an app, creating your account in just a few minutes (and possibly uploading your documents or two). And once your order is completed, processed and approved, you can get the money in the account at most the other day!

How do online loans help in the home budget?

You have to admit that it generates huge adrenaline when we ask for a loan. Even the fact that you do not have to leave your bed to make a simulation or request, in the time of knowing if the loan was approved or does not give that gelinho in the belly.

The cool thing about online lending platforms is that the vast majority, regardless of whether your credit history is bad or good, you have more options to be helped in the amount you need in cash.

You can also easily compare various institutions, interest rates, and conditions of various lenders online at the same time, this serves to ensure that you get the best credit offers and loans available on the internet.


What to do if you are not a Debtor and the bailiff takes your property

Many people face a situation in which their belongings are taken by a court bailiff in the course of enforcement proceedings. This is for various reasons. For example, as a result of the fact that you live with a debtor in one flat or even occupy the premises where the debtor used to be.

The court bailiff runs the so-called field activities in the course of which he occupies inter alia movables located in the premises indicated as the residence of the debtor. The bailiff then writes down a seizure report to which, of course, you can make an annotation.

That a particular item is not the property of the debtor


However, this does not automatically lead to the release of things from execution.

So what should be done in a situation where enforcement proceedings are not carried out against us, and the bailiff has taken, for example, a TV set, which is our property? Some people in this situation choose the wrong solution and file a complaint about the actions of the court bailiff demonstrating their ownership of the object occupied. This leads to losing the case and losing the right of ownership.

Meanwhile, in this type of case, as described above, it becomes necessary to bring the so-called anti-enforcement action (more precisely the variation of this action, called intervention) based on the regulation contained in art. 841 of the Code of Civil Procedure (hereinafter referred to as the Code of Civil Procedure).

According to art. 841 § 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure, a third party may, by way of an action, demand the release of a seized object from enforcement if the enforcement of the execution violates its rights. In a simplified way, it can be written that a third party is someone who is not an enforcer in this type of situation. The execution directed to a given item infringes the rights of such a third party if it is the owner of the seized thing.

The owner of the property should therefore bring an action to the common court in such a case. The de facto property of a non-debtor should be proved. This circumstance can be demonstrated by any means of proof, however, the proof of the document, and hence the purchase VAT invoice, should be the most important in this situation.

Obviously, the majority of non-business people do not have invoice proofs. Then, of course, you can use a receipt, but it certainly can not be an independent proof. Therefore, it would also be necessary to attach a bank account statement if the payment was made by means of a payment card or an indication of witnesses who could confirm the fact of purchasing a specific item by a specific person.

In the case of actions of this kind, two more issues are very important, which in some way merge. Firstly, in accordance with art. 841 §3 of the Code of Civil Procedure, in principle , an action must be lodged within one month from the date of learning about the seizure of things . Exceeding this deadline results in the dismissal of the claim, and the reason for the failure is devoid of the slightest significance. The deadline is also not subject to restoration. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind first and fit in the given time, regardless of other circumstances.

The second issue is to call the creditor to release the seized object from enforcement


(the creditor will, in principle, be a defendant in the intervening action). For evidentiary purposes, this must be done in writing by registered mail. This is important for demanding reimbursement of costs of proceedings caused by an action based on art. 841 CCP. If the creditor did not receive the summons and would consider the action on the first action, then he could then demand, despite the actual loss of the case, reimbursement of costs under Art. 101 kpc

However, bearing in mind the monthly deadline for bringing an action, it should be remembered that the creditor should be called as soon as possible to enable him to reply within the aforementioned period, and secondly to not engage with the creditor in unnecessary polemics, not to miss the monthly deadline.

In another case (in the situation of ineffective expiry of the deadline) we no longer have any possibilities to release the property belonging to us from enforcement by way of coercion. The only thing left then is to ask the creditor politely, who does not have to give his consent.

Are you in doubt about personal payday loan?

The Personal Payday Loan , or also known as personal credit, is a great option for those who need money without having to present a guarantee. Indicated for cases of discharge of more expensive debts such as credit card or overdraft, but also much used to pay for travel or renovate the house. With the growing number of people who are interested in making loans, many questions begin to appear, so we resolved to answer the four most frequently asked questions on the subject.

1 – What can the Personal Payday Loan offer you?

1 - What can the Personal Payday Loan offer you?

The advantage of the Personal Payday Loan is the simplified way of hiring this service, where the installments do not weigh at the end of the month, being able to pay by automatic debit, check or even ticket. The due date is at your discretion, ie you are free to schedule yourself financially.

The deposit of the loan amount usually happens quickly, after going through the loan analysis and being approved within 48 business hours the money goes into your account and is already available for you to use as you see fit.

The Personal Payday Loan is an excellent option, however it is necessary to prepare in advance and carefully choose the amount of installments to fit your budget, because paying all installments on time will make it easier to get a new loan.

It is normal to hear that making a Personal Payday Loan is a bad thing, as it may seem strange that to pay debts you will have to make one more, however a number of factors contribute to making this type of loan a good option.

We often look for a Personal Payday Loan to solve problems with a certain destination such as buying a new car, not knowing that the rest of the money can be reverted to other things.

2 – Do I Fear of Making a Personal Payday Loan?

2 - Do I Fear of Making a Personal Payday Loan?

For many the Personal Payday Loan may be a seven-headed animal, but with the option of placing your order online it was much simpler than expected since the service is very similar to the one done in the bank, but with all the convenience of your home . By making the online application you stop facing long and time consuming queues and only explain once all your current situation to your manager.

However for the realization of Personal Payday Loan it is necessary to stay alert, so remember to never make advance deposits for different rates , do not fall for this!

The following is a list of the three most frequent reasons why customers opt for Personal Payday Loans:

  • Helps clear the name

Sometimes in life we ​​end up accumulating a series of accounts, where late payment implies interest and penalties, leaving those accounts extremely expensive. Even making savings on your day-to-day yet it’s tricky to put all your bills on time, so helping in this delicate time comparing the purchase of a Personal Payday Loan may be your best option, so you can clear all your more expensive debts and pay that value in installments easily and simply for a single company.

Reforming the home Realizing a college is a big step in anyone’s life and essential to the current job market, however financial conditions sometimes do not favor this choice. The Personal Payday Loan can help you in this situation and be the perfect choice for you, since with a college course the chances of developing in your area increase considerably, having space so that in the future you can repay your Personal Payday Loan quickly. Do not let go of your dream of studying, investing in yourself is the best you can do!

  • For the payment of the credit card. Invest in your future (own business or studies)

The benefits it brings are innumerable in our day to day becoming indispensable, however the interest of the credit card is high, and when you become defaulter in the payments of the installments this can become a much bigger problem in the future. Many times resort to Personal Payday Loans is cheaper than the fees charged on the credit card, it is necessary for the client to analyze each detail in advance but to carry out a loan to pay off the installments of the card is something that has proved very advantageous.

3 – Why choose a bank correspondent to help you get a loan?

3 - Why choose a bank correspondent to help you get a loan?

When we need urgent cash Personal Payday Loan is the best option, but to be able to find the best rate need to provide time looking for bank bank to find the best conditions, it could take days or months. A bank correspondent can offer a loan quickly and without the famous bureaucracies that banks usually have. When using a loan simulator , the correspondent will evaluate your conditions and find the best market rates from your partners, so you can have the money in hand in a more practical and safe way. (if you want to do a simulation click here: loan simulator.

Someone called or sent an email asking for an advance payment, care can be a fraud . If in doubt, contact us, by phone, facebook or chat.

4 – Are there other types of loans?

4 - Are there other types of loans?

Yes, if you have a car cleared you can ask for a refinance of your vehicle, all about the advantages of this loan here. Now if you have a property in your name, maybe refinancing your property is the perfect option for your pocket.

The French population increasingly over-indebted

It’s a fact, the French population is in debt. The Banque de France has noted this in its quarterly reports for several years now. An improvement in the situation, however, emerges from the latest over-indebtedness barometer published in June 2015: the number of files filed by individuals with over-indebtedness commissions between July 2014 and June 2015 was slightly down (-2.6%).

A decline that must nevertheless be relativized in the face of the seriousness of reality. Since 2010, nearly 987 000 applications have been declared eligible for the over-indebtedness treatment procedure, ie files considered to have excessive debt levels for the financial capacities of the households concerned.

Over-indebtedness, a plague of society



The report published by the Banque de France in June 2015 contains a paradoxical element: on the one hand, the number of files filed with the overindebtedness commissions decreased between 2014 and 2015, but on the other hand, the number of files accepted, and therefore receivable for the treatment of over-indebtedness, has been steadily increasing since 2010.

The number of French households in a situation of over-indebtedness has therefore risen steadily in recent years. In January 2011, the report issued by the Banque de France included 688 households in debt distress; they are 839 in January 2015. Among the incoming files, the number of re-deposits, that is to say the files which are deposited a second time, is also increasing.

About 50% of redeposited files are due to a change in the personal life of the household (divorce, death …) or professional (unemployment, disability ….).

Also according to the results published by the Banque de France in the second quarter of 2015, the average amount of over-indebtedness of all the accepted files amounts to € 40,800, all debts included; Excluding real estate debt, the average indebtedness per dossier filed is 26,900 euros. In addition, the June 2015 barometer shows that financial debts are the main cause of over-indebtedness of French households. They account for 78.6% of overall indebtedness, with current account arrears accounting for 11.2% and the remaining categories of debt 10.2%. Financial debts consist of several categories of debt, namely:

    • consumer credit;
    • real estate loans;
    • overdrafts and various overtaking;
    • consumer credit (the main reason for the over-indebtedness of the French population).

Which households are affected?



A study, also conducted by the Banque de France for the year 2014, analyzes the different socio-demographic and professional characteristics of over-indebted households. This study clearly highlights the predominance of the segment of the population most affected by over-indebtedness: that of people living alone. Whether single, separated, divorced or widowed, unattached individuals account for 64.6% of the households recognized as over-indebted during 2014.

The survey also reveals that people aged 35 to 54 are the most affected in this segment of the population (about 27%), followed closely by those over 55 (23%). In addition, the Banque de France notes that tenants are generally more over-indebted (77.5%) than homeowners, even though they are increasing (10.8%).

From a socio-professional point of view, the survey shows that people experiencing professional difficulties are the most affected by over-indebtedness: 28.7% are unemployed, 11.9% are unemployed, and 9.7% are unemployed. % of people without professional activity (disability, parental leave …). With regard to persons engaged in professional activity, workers and employees are the most over-indebted sections of employees (respectively 24.3% and 34.4%). Indeed, the same study shows that households with monthly resources less than or equal to 2,000 euros are generally the most over-indebted (76.3%).

Since the level of resources of over-indebted households is relatively low, debt repayment capacity is therefore lower. The monthly resources available for the various payments (rent, rental charges, food expenses, etc.) are often quickly exhausted and are not sufficient to clear the remaining debts resulting from the various credits. The Banque de France observes that half of the over-indebtedness files filed with the commissions are accepted due to the lack of household repayment capacity (53.5%). The difficulties of cash and solvency affect unfortunately a good number of households everywhere in France, the mixed indebtedness (credits and current expenses) only increasing with the time.

How to Request Fast and Urgent Money

A company that in a simple and practical way helps to provide a solution to this type of situation, being able to provide liquidity at the moment.

To remain without monetary resources and need liquidity immediately, is a circumstance that may arrive at a specific time, and affect any person or family under specific circumstances.

There are different ways to get money more or less quickly , also with different conditions and demands.

With a professional service and excellent management of its operations, it has achieved a good level of acceptance and confidence in its growing clientele. His first product is the commitment of cars. For those who own a vehicle and need money in an emergent way for any reason, with them there is a quick, confidential and simple solution.

They are often promoted as the leading vehicle pawn shop in Spain. They offer a guaranteed maximum charge in a very short time. It will be possible to obtain liquidity and continue using the car without having to deliver it in deposit , with the possibility of receiving the income at that moment. It will not matter if there are defaults, RAI, ASNEF, etc.

For those who need a loan, microcredit or loan; using the Cashdriving method of this company they will be able to obtain it. Even without leaving home, it will be possible to execute an application and they will be moving to the home of the interested party.

The customer will decide how to pay. They have a formula that claims to be one that exceeds any type of commitment or loan with an existing car. They work with wide flexibility, trying to adapt to the client at all times. The user will indicate the number of terms in question (3, 6, 12 or 18 months) and how much will be paid.

The money can be requested even without a payroll. They pay with a range of up to 70% of the appraised value of the vehicle, this in the act, with a return in convenient terms.

They have 18 branches in the country, although they cover the entire national territory. With this company it is possible to pawn a car no matter where a customer is.

Advantages of choosing

Of the most representative and interesting advantages of hiring the services of this company, we could mention:

  • It will be pricing the vehicles and offering the highest GANVAM valuation according to market value.
  • They project transparency and confidentiality in their work.
  • You will get more money for a vehicle than if you choose another pawnshop.
  • No payroll or endorsement will be necessary, nor will ASNEF import .
  • The money could be obtained urgently in less than 24 hours.
  • It will be possible to pawn the vehicle and at the same time keep using it, a better option than having to sell it to obtain liquidity.
  • They have branches throughout Spain , have 23 appraisal points and sign contracts.
  • It will be possible to have your services even if there is not a branch in the city of a client, they provide coverage throughout the country.
  • They value the car for free.

How to request the services of loans and credits 

CreditoporTuCoche orients the bulk of your work mostly in your CashDriving method or formula. They also offer their product “Turbo Empeño”, they also have a franchise program for those interested in multiplying their investment. It is even possible to collaborate with this company, send clients and obtain profits for this collaboration.

Let’s detail these services and their characteristics.

CashDriving Method 

It is the method or solution used by Crédito por Tu Coche to get your customers to commit their vehicles and at the same time continue to drive them.

A mechanism that works similar to the commitment of jewels or diverse goods, but with the difference that it will be possible to continue using the vehicle. It is a very fast and simple system, where no previous studies will be required and it can be run without a payroll.

It will be possible to acquire money quickly by buying the vehicle with the option to repurchase, without having to deliver the car on deposit.

It will be possible to continue in possession of the vehicle in exchange for paying a fee for the assignment of use. Afterwards, the client can make the decision if he wishes to amortize the capital and recover the car. You can choose the type of quota or term with flexibility (3, 6, 9, 12, 18 MONTHS)

Simulation of the commitment of a Car

Simulation of the commitment of a Car

Example: You have a vehicle with a pawn value of € 3,000. The customer will be receiving this sum.

To this amount will be added an expense of agency for € 150, including 3% on the purchase price, corresponding to expenses for study and expertise of the vehicle; that in the case exemplified would be € 90. You will also have to add the insurance, € 50. Totaling, a return of € 3,290 would be pending.

Steps of the CashDriving solution

Steps of the CashDriving solution

1 – The car will be assessed:They will calculate the value immediately and offer the maximum GANVAM assessment.

2 – Receive the money: The loan guarantee will be the vehicle, therefore it will not need payroll or endorsement, nor will they consider ASNEF, nor will they have to justify income. As soon as the car is tilled, in less than 24 hours the money will be available in the account.

As we have said, it will not matter if you are registered with ASNEF (National Association of Financial Establishments), commonly known as the Defaulters File.

3- The vehicle is still in the owner’s possession: The car will continue to be used at all times.

Conditions of service

Conditions of service

Although we have already talked about the conditions of service, we list below some in view to be examined in a better way.

  • The company delivers up to 60% of the market value of the vehicle.
  • The car can continue to be used as many months as it takes.
  • Both the change of ownership and the maintenance costs will be borne by the customer.
  • No income justification will be needed.
  • It will have to have an expense of € 150 per agency.
  • There will be a 3% above the purchase value intended for study expenses and car evaluation.
  • 50 € insurance will be considered.

Vehicle Requirements

  • It must be at least ten years old.
  • Proof of ownership, whether physical or legal.
  • Paid tax paid.
  • Permission of circulation.
  • Your documentation must be in order and in force.
  • The set of keys must be delivered.
  • You must not have domain reservation.
  • Technical sheet with ITV in force.

Cashdriving method in the place where you live

It does not matter where the customer is in Spain. This company will surely have a franchise near your city. They have points distributed around the country where they can perform a review, appraisal, and the interested party signs the contract.

  • Turbo Pawn:

This is a product launched by the company that responds to the requests of hundreds of customers.

It is thought and created in order to be able to give solution to those cases that need to receive the money with a greater urgency ; completing the operation and making the money available to them in less than 24 hours after the application process has been completed.

It will only be necessary:

  • Permit of circulation
  • Copy of the papers of the vehicle
  • ID
  • Car technical sheet

It is possible to access here in the official website of the company and leave the data of the interested party so that the company can inform with details about the service.

  • Franchise Program:

For those who have an investor profile, this is a magnificent and attractive option different from the traditional ones. It will be possible to join the program of franchisees of this company and multiply the investment.

Credit customer service for your car

Credit customer service for your car

For any suggestion, question or problem; The telephone number enabled is 951 137 111. In this contact page that we have referred, it will also be possible to fill out a form and the company will be responding briefly.

These contact details are enabled for general questions and basic information of the company. To contact the branch of a specific city or surroundings,


As we all know, the best way to get to know a product is to find out what others say about your experience with it. promises transparency and confidentiality . They assure that it is possible to get money quickly without papers, without endorsement or payroll. They do not take into account the financial status of the interested party and compete with other similar companies with very advantageous vehicle appraisals for their customers.

An option to value for those who need liquidity.

How to Apply for Credits

Bantierra, is an example to be able to fulfill any of our projects, such as buying a car, starting a business, continuing our studies, making that long-awaited trip, or even buying what we’ve always wanted, we need a little help that allows us to get it without that for it we have to stay without money.

It may also be that we find ourselves in a situation where we are confronted with an unexpected situation, such as a very aggressive hospital account or an expense to cover an accident.

For all these moments, we have at our disposal the personal loans of Bantierra , which have many benefits and advantages that we will tell you immediately.

Bantierra is an Aragonese cooperative credit entity that has managed to position itself as the main one in its category. Today it is present in 274 municipalities in Aragón, La Rioja, Cataluña, Madrid and Valencia; and has more than 800 employees trained to provide you with the best financial service so that you can fulfill all your purposes.

Bantierra is part of the renowned Caja Rural Group , one of the leading financial groups in Spain, whose long history has made it possible to offer an efficient and close service in the wide range of products offered to help both individuals and companies of all sizes.

In Bantierra you can find different financing options, such as payroll and pension accounts; debit and credit cards; financing systems such as personal loans and mortgages; Not to mention pension plans and future plans. You can also find investment instruments for the Exchange and the Market, as well as investment funds.

Additionally, you can also contract different insurance schemes, and request support for your agricultural businesses. Without a doubt it is a great option to always have everything you need if you are looking for a very easy and effective administration of your personal economy.


 Advantages of choosing Bantierra

  • Bantierra is a bank present in more than 240 municipalities around Spain
  • You will always get personalized attention to find the best type of personal loan for you.
  • You will have access to an online bank where you can make all the queries and movements for which you will traditionally have to go to a branch.
  • You can apply for insurance to protect your loan in case you find yourself in unemployment or disability for up to 12 or 36 months respectively.
  • You can request additional Bantierra products such as savings accounts, investment instruments or mortgage loans.

The main characteristics

Bantierra is not a traditional bank, but a community credit institution that seeks to offer different savings and financing options to its clients other than those offered on a regular basis. That is why you will find in Bantierra a personal loan option totally personalized and full of alternatives that adjust to the type of credit you have been looking for your projects of all kinds.

Additionally, you will find technological resources such as a very effective online banking that will allow you to perform all the movements and operations of your account, as well as visualize the status of your personal loan and the corresponding amortization table. Undoubtedly Bantierra is a great option to consider to get effective personal loans.

Is it safe to ask for a loan?

 Is it safe to ask for a loan in Bantierra?

Nowadays, it is common for many people to feel insecure when requesting a loan or using the electronic services offered by banks, especially when taking into account the large number of cases that have occurred of fraud and theft of personal data. . Bantierra knows that the most important thing is your security and tranquility, so it is a bank that operates under all legal regulations to provide the best service to its customers.

In addition, whenever you use any of Bantierra’s online services you will have the protection that you will always be provided with unique and confidential access codes, which consist of a user, a password and a telephone PIN, as well as a signature card electronics necessary to ensure maximum safety.

  • User number: it is a personal and non-transferable password that helps you to identify yourself in the portals.
  • Identification document: it is your NIF or NIE.
  • Password: It is a key generated automatically by the system, which you can modify the first time you use it so that you can remember it. You should not share it with anyone.
  • Telephone Pin: is an identification number that you will need to receive telephone attention.
  • Electronic signature card: it is a coordinate card that is necessary to perform transactions such as transfers, and is used to guarantee the authenticity of the transaction.


To apply for a loan in Bantierra , you must have some requirements at hand to verify your identity and your income. When you go to your nearest Bantierra branch to request your credit, take the following documents with you:

  • Official identification document as DNI or residence card.
  • Proof of income for the last months. These can be payroll or pension receipts, or any other document that certifies that you have stable income.
  • If you plan to apply for a very large personal loan, it may be a requirement that you apply for a status of your rental status.
  • It is also essential that you are over 18 years old.

If you have all the requirements indicated, you can start your personal loan application process. Additionally, you can choose to open an account or hire any other type of service Bantierra offers, so you can get the most out of your personal credit while achieving better management of your personal economy.

Interest rates

Bantierra’s interest rates are among the most flexible within the thousands of personal loan options currently offered through different institutions. That is why all personal loans are requested by going to the Bantierra branches, so that the advisors and executives experts in the field can provide the interest rates TIN and TAE more convenient for your situation.

Depending on the type of personal loan you request, the time you plan to return it and the amount requested, you will be offered a low interest rate so that the monthly installments do not unbalance you financially and you can easily repay all of your loan without no problem.

Can you ask for a loan?

It is difficult to get a personal loan application approved if your name is in one of the delinquency files such as the ASNEF.

Bantierra on the other hand, does not specify whether or not he accepts the requests of the people who are in this situation, so if you are thinking about acquiring a personal loan, mortgage, or any other type in Bantierra, it is best that you communicate to the customer service number and discuss your situation in detail.

Surely they will find a way to solve your economic problem under one of the financing or credit schemes.

Mobile application and customer service

You can contact Bantierra’s telephone service to inquire about the economic operations you have made, without the need of an internet connection or going to a branch. You will simply have to call the telephone number 902 310 902 and provide your identification information to guarantee your identity.

In this way you will receive personalized attention and the most important information you need to know instantly. If you are not a Bantierra customer, but want to know more about their financing products and services, you can also call this number to request more information.

If you wish, you can also use the Bantierra mobile application, which will allow you to perform several operations and perform the most urgent queries, regardless of the place or time of day. You can have mobile banking in the palm of your hand to perform all the most frequent operations, as well as to check your balances, pending payments and movements.

As if that were not enough, you have the option of receiving SMS alerts for each payment or movement you make, always having the assurance that nobody is misusing your accounts, and being able to report it immediately if that is the case.

Types of loans

The needs of each person at the time of requesting a loan are different, so in Bantierra there are two main types of personal loans so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you need them for personal projects, or to buy a car, you can find a solution to your needs.

Additionally, you can also find a mortgage loan, which will help you finance the purchase of your home easily and effectively. If you want to know about the characteristics of each of them, continue reading, and for any questions or clarification do not hesitate to call Bantierra’s customer service.

Payroll loan

 Bantierra payroll loan

If you are looking for a loan for any medium or small project, this personal loan from Bantierra may be the ideal option for you. All you need is to have your payroll registered to Bantierra, in this way, you can advance it at the time you want and for what you need, without explanations and without further complication.

You can choose the interest rates, the terms to return and the amount requested with the help of a Bantierra executive, so that the repayment plan ends up being the most convenient for you.

Come to a Bantierra branch to learn more about it.

Loan Car Credicar

Today we all need a functional means of transportation to move to all the places we need. It does not matter if you are looking to buy a new or used car, neither the model nor the brand, with Bantierra’s credit car loan you can fully finance the payment of your car, and finally release as you had always wanted.

You can request information by approaching a branch of Bantierra, and so create together with one of the account executives a depreciation model that allows you to have any vehicle you want making monthly payments that fit your possibilities.

Mortgage loan

 Mortgage loan

If you are looking to get your house or apartment, the safest thing is that you need a little help to finance it. This is how in Bantierra you can apply for a mortgage loan for your home that has a fixed, variable or mixed interest, according to your needs and your economic capabilities. You can acquire the home you have always wanted to ensure the heritage and tranquility of you and your loved ones requesting this type of mortgage loan.

Do not hesitate to go to a Bantierra branch to request more information about it and achieve the perfect plan to fulfill your personal purposes.

How to apply for loans and loans

The way to request the personal loans of Bantierra Online is simply going to one of the many branches of this bank to obtain first hand all the necessary information to make your personal loan application.

It is not absolutely necessary that the first time you agree with the required documentation, but without a doubt, doing so will save you time and you will be able to obtain your personal loan more effectively and without further complication.

If you are already a Bantierra customer, you can request information about personal subtractions and initiate your request by dialing bantierra’s customer service number. Remember that you will have to provide your personal identification information.

You can also request information through Bantierra Online banking . Use the option that seems most convenient, and remember that you will always have the advice of executives experts in the subject to solve all your doubts and create the best financing plan for you.

How to return the credits 

Bantierra does not specify a way to return credits or personal loans , this is because, as part of the customer service offered by this prestigious institution, it is sought to adapt each credit or personal loan totally to the situation of the client who requests it.

In this way, an expert on the subject will evaluate your situation and will present different alternatives for the return of your personal loan, such as deposit to accounts or direct debit to your account Bantierra or any other with which you already have previously.

What you can be sure of is that you will find the payment scheme and ways to return the loan more efficiently and simply.

Extensions and postponements

We can all find ourselves in a situation where due to some accident, unemployment or any other unexpected situation, we are unable to make the monthly payment of our loan. What we would generally do is ask for an extension or a deferral to the date of payment, which can generate greater interest and make the loan even more difficult to pay.

Thinking about your safety, Bantierra is ahead of any situation of this type and offers a payment protection insurance, which will cover you in any situation such as unemployment or disability that makes it impossible to make the monthly payment of your personal or mortgage loan. Up to 12 months you will be covered if you are unemployed, and for 3 years if you suffer an accident that makes you unable to work. With this insurance you will be compensated your monthly fee for up to 1,800 euros, and you can continue with the return of the payment once you are qualified to do so.

How to apply for loans online

For some years, the request for online credits has become one of the preferred forms by many people due to its speed and especially to the few procedures that this type of credit requires, making it possible to obtain it in less than One day and delivering the minimum data, insurance to make a trip, pay a course and even the possibility of paying for a car that otherwise we could not pay.

Here, we talk about how to apply for personal bankoa online loans and what you will need in order to obtain the best performance of each loan.

Consumption Loan

When buying a car or taking a trip, or even giving a different touch to your home, you have the possibility of asking for a 3.99% credit in order to help many of the families that have economic problems or not. They can count on enough capital to be able to enjoy a credit that suits you.

Bankoa has the option of 3.99% consumption loans so that they can carry out their investments and fulfill their dreams, even when they are not adapted to the economy.

If you want to get this credit of 3.99%, clients should hire:

  • A car loan: life insurance, insurance for vehicles
  • Loan for any other purpose: You must have life insurance and a classic visa card or gold card with an annual cost of up to 2,000 euros.

In this credit, you can request up to an amount of 5,000 euros at least or 50 thousand euros maximum that can be paid with a maximum term of up to 72 months.

The 3.99 consumer credit , has an opening commission of 1% with a minimum amount of 150 euros and with a 0.50% cancellation or amortization the first year.

These credits are designed for families that have low income so it gives the best interest rate at a minimum cost.

Loans that are not car

Loans that are not car

In the same way as the previous one, bankoa offers loans that are not car loans with previous direct debit and also, hiring of the visa card and active gold card.

For these cases, we have two examples.

Loans of 25000 euros with a term of 6 years with payroll

In these cases, the payroll must be domiciled and the active credit visa card must be contracted . In this case, the total debt is added up to the amount of 28,000 euros, which correspond to the loan capital that has been requested and the amount of interest, in addition to the opening commission that is available.

Life insurance contract or visa classic card

In this case, to access credit you must have a life insurance contract and also have an annual premium of 39.84 euros with an insurance term of at least 30 years. The active gold visa card must also be available and it is considered to be active when the expenditure exceeds 2000 euros.

car loan

Car loans that are requested with bankoa , allow customers the possibility of financing any vehicle with an amount greater than 50,000 euros and will have a return period of up to 6 years . In this case, you must have an interest rate of 3.99 TIN.

In case the client sees it necessary, extra products can be hired as insurance for the car or even if the payroll is domiciled, a much lower price can be obtained in the installments or in the % TAE.

Hiring insurance through payroll direct debit

Hiring insurance through payroll direct debit

In these cases, you must have a car insurance that has a premium per year of 330 euros provided that the driver is over 30 years. In this case, the total amount will rise from 28 thousand euros to 30 thousand for loan expenses, interest, insurance premiums and opening commission.

With hiring of Life Insurance and Automobile Insurance

In this case, you must buy life insurance that has an annual premium of almost 40 euros. In this case, the total amount also rises from 28 thousand euros to 30 thousand. In this case, the expenses are for opening commission, life insurance premiums and auto insurance premium.

In all cases presented here, the amount of deferred payments must have 72 monthly installments of up to 391 euros.